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Mergers and Acquisitions

Our firm specializes in guiding owners in the sale of their businesses or the acquisition of other distribution companies. We understand the challenging circumstances surrounding these activities and the impact they have on all parties to the process. Whether representing the seller or the buyer on a transaction, KSA works throughout the process to:

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Assess the customer, market segment, financial, facility and geographical issues that impact value
  • Prepare pricing strategies that accurately reflect the profile
  • Employ negotiation strategies that secure exceptional value
  • Keep all parties focused on the process and the desired outcome
  • Advise our clients and their legal advisors on the many nuances involved in each transaction agreement
  • Plan the announcement activities and post sale transition process

Keiter Stephens Advisors has a proven track record for maximizing value for our foodservice clients. Access Complete List of Client Testimonials

“My first experience with KSA was on the opposite side of the table when Glover was purchasing a distributor in Alabama they represented. I was immediately impressed with their expertise. After that transaction was completed, we retained KSA for a multi-year advisory relationship. While I believe their industry expertise, insights on today’s buyers and technical skills are unparalleled, the most impressive quality they showed during our negotiations was their humanity. The KSA team was keenly aware of the emotional impact on all the stakeholders involved in selling our 120 year old family company and helped us through those challenges.”

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David Harris – Former CEO, Glover Foods
Americus & Columbus, Georgia

“Now that the sale has been completed, I can say KSA was aggressive on value but compassionate and supportive to my emotional needs, and they commanded a higher multiple than what those other finance firms were proposing. I sold my business before I thought I would, but I’ve never felt better.”

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Mark Eisenberg – Former CEO, Natco Corp.
New Bedford, MA